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ONCRT Monceska Management Project


ONCRT was awarded a NABI grant to help make an impact on the Omaha Indian Reservation and for other Natives. We plan to give participants tools to take control of their financial well-being, give them means to build their assets; in addition to providing a solution for a free and local tax preparation site. 

Culturally enriched Financial Literacy Workshops will be provided to develop the skills and knowledge of participants.

Participants will learn about building a healthy economy, creating and committing to a savings plan, opening and maintaining Checking and savings accounts, credit reports and maintenance, and accessing and cost of credit, including predatory lending. 

ONCRT is developing partnerships to provide financial support for the matching funds of the Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).  Money in the IDA can be used to purchase a qualified asset to include education and related expenses, business start-up expenses, or first time home buyers expenses.  The type of asset available to purchase will depend on guidelines set by the partnerships.  Participants who meet the requirements of the IDA program will be able to triple their savings toward their qualified asset purchase with a 2:1 match!

ONCRT is providing a free and local tax preparation site.  The IRS certified tax preparers are dedicated to maximizing returns by asking participants questions and qualifying them for all credits they are eligible for.